Hot springs


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Terme del Calidario: the temperature of the Natural Spring varies according to the external climatic conditions. The water constantly flows at a temperature of 36 ° during the year, but the average flow rate can vary from a min. of 100 to a max. of 450 litres / sec. When the season is rainy, the springs abound, allowing a higher concentration of hot water and a consequent increase in the average temperature; otherwise, the average water temperature falls.


Terme la Cerreta: inspired by the Etruscan and Roman architecture of the ancient baths, are fed by hot water, which flows from an underground basin at a constant temperature of 51° C. Owing to the particular concentration of sulphates, calcium, minerals and trace elements, the thermal water has therapeutic effects on the respiratory system, the skin and the musculoskeletal system.


Terme di Venturina: is the perfect place to enjoy the benefits of the ancient hot spring.